Minutes of Jan 2012

Monthly minutes and treasurer's reports will be posted here.

Minutes of Jan 2012

Postby W1MSN » Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:25 pm

Meeting brought to order by President Mark Pride K1RX @7:12PM
Everyone welcomed. Introductions made by all members around the room.

Thanks to Kris KA1GJU and his XYL for a delicious meal.
Tonight we have fascinating presentations on business topics.

Public service-
Ross KB1MGD announced that the upcoming Emmaus Event
Will be held on July 22, 2012. The proceeds from this event goes to the homeless in Haverhill, Ma. 2011 event raised $105,000 and there were over 180 cyclists. This year’s route will be altered due to bridge closures. All members invited to attend.
Ross thanked members who volunteered in 2011.
Certificate presentation to Mark Pride for our clubs participation in 2011.
Ross needs one of our members to head volunteers for 2012:
If interested contact Mark Pride or Ross at RSCOE2001@yahoo.com for July 22, 2012.
August 18, 2012-Seacoast Escape. Contact Brenda Barbour
At Brenda.barbou@nmss.org phone 781-890-6097 ext 135
Next month’s meeting’s topic:WRTC 2014 Uptake Presentation by
Mark Pride K1RX.
The WRTC 2014 Uptake will be in New England
Dinner February’s meeting: Carol
Treasurer’s Report-given by Dick Cooper W1MSN
All October’s, November and December Balance Sheets on Forum
Tonight’s dinner raised $105.00
Net of $80.00 for December 2011
A new Treasurer will be selected in June 2012 per Dick
Steve KB1OVA motioned to accept Treasurer’s Report. Rick N1ZXZ seconded. All in favor.
Web Master Report: Mike W1GEK reported
Changed old repeator sites-all updated.
Will be working to phase out Blog and all will go to Forum
Will work on Club link from old forum
Have any questions? Any problems tell Mike Thoma W1GEK
Mike and Dick will talk on paypal
Insurance Money
Dick W1MSN reported received insurance money
Board will look at Fair Market Value and Payback to Member
Who loaned us equipment that was stolen
In future if you loan equipment & loan to club, it must be insured by member loaning same.
Deuce N1YI will speak to member and see if he/she had homeowner’s insurance and will report back to board.
Deuce N1YI motioned to leave Board made decision on better insurance policy, Steve KB1OVA seconded, All in favor.
Secretary’s Report- No Minutes Taken Last December, had Great
Christmas Party
VE Session-
Deuce N1YI reported 9 people took test. 8 passed on New Year’s
Eve Day.
VE Sessions are held at clubhouse on 5th Saturdays of Month
Liason with Fish & Game Club
Deuce N1YI reported maybe new President elected this year. He
Is not stepping down.
Guy will plow Fish & Game for $40.00. Asked if Radio Club
Willing to pick up plow costs.
Deuce N1YI motioned Derek KB1LXX seconded All in Favor.
Deuce will get name of guy to plow for us.
Fish and Game CleanUps will be posted. They need our help.
Spring Antenna Farm needs to be repaired.
Kris Kliegle Ka1GJU completed special task.
Security Update-No Comment
Discussion held for replacement equipment
Neil AA1SB suggest SDR Radio(members to contact from their homes)
Kris Kleigle KA1GJU made offer
Rick N1ZXZ-offered to be Equipment Manager –be in charge of serial numbers
Mark Pride K1RX will appoint committee to purchase replacement equipment
Ares report
Pete W1CBT reported
Annual Seabrook Drill coming Up
Short On People
Volunteers needed at EOC
Ares contd
Dates Volunteers needed Jan 24th
April 8AM-Noon on all dates
You don’t have to be an ares member to volunteer
If you sign up with SS# you can get paid
Pete explained what happens at drill
Ares Meeting 2 weeks from tonight, Jan 18th. Always the 3rd
Wednesday of the month
Contact Sullivan Scott WA1WJC if interested
Other Topics
Deuce N1YI January 12th FL digi
Rick N1ZXZ asked if any interest in Packett
We need to bring in geer
We are sponsor
N1IX leading
Last year’s results going out now
Deuce N1YI reported:
Tour de Cure and Seafood Festival Coming up. We need
Participation as volunteers.

Museum Ships On the Air- Tom Dubek AA1CA will tell club
That we will participate, Weekend before Field Day

Motion to Adjourn @8:45PM Derek KB1LXX motioned, Rick N1ZXZ
Seconded. All in favor.
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