Minutes Oct 2014

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Minutes Oct 2014

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Port City Amateur Radio Club
10/1/14 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7pm.
A quorum was present.

Neil AA1SB made a request for volunteers to assist with the Great Island Road Race in New Castle, NH on October 12 at 10 am. Those interested should contact Neil. Email: aa1sb@arrl.net
PCARC Vice President Dave Sweeney announced that he has changed his call sign. Formerly KB1YVW is now N1SRD.
Reminder: Nearfest will be held at the Deerfield Fairgrounds on October 10th and 11th.

Rick N1ZXZ made a request for members to send him content in the form of letters, stories, articles, photos, announcement, items for sale, etc to be included in the Longwire. Longwire is the PCARC’s quarterly newsletter which has been dormant for some time. Mark K1RX made a request for all members to write a brief note of 3 to 5 paragraphs in length which tells the story of what first got you interested in Ham radio and send the note to Rick. Rick’s goal is to have the newsletter ready to publish (both on line and in hard copy form) by the next meeting on November 5th, 2014. Deadline for submissions is October 25th. Send all content to longwire@rickthegeek.com

The W1AW Centennial Celebration continues as the event returns to Massachusetts in October. Members from MA who are interested in getting on the air using the W1AW call sign should contact George W1EBI.

Mark K1RX gave part two of his presentation on the WRTC 2014 Event. It was reported that a great time was had by all, competitors and support team volunteers alike. Four years of planning and preparation culminated in some 64 identical operating stations being assembled and disassembled over the course of three days for the event. For more info visit http://www.wrtc2014.org
Tech Topic: “How do you monitor your antenna in case of failure? What methods are available?” A lively discussion followed with many different approaches suggested, among those were Monitor Feed line Noise, Install an RF sensing device, Check SWR vs. a baseline reading, Install a dead Man Switch.

The “Helping Hams” Program which was mentioned at the September meeting was discussed. Some ways of becoming a “Helping Ham” are simply by helping other hams in any way possible. Try sponsoring a new member, paying the dues on behalf of a struggling member, loan a radio or antenna to someone. In addition help by mentoring or providing “Elmer” support. Give a kid an old radio. In what we hope will be the first formal action related to Helping Hams, the PCARC is in discussion with the Haverhill MA High School Physics Department to see if we can provide support to the school by getting students interested in science and engineering through hands on exposure to ham radio.

PCARC is considering hosting its own Hamfest. The intent will be to increase membership, have fun, clean out you shack on unused and unwanted gear (one man’s trash in another man’s treasure). A tentative location has been identified at the St. James Masonic Temple. No date has been determined yet. Several members have volunteered to start a committee they are: Dick W1MSN, Igor N1YX, Mark K1RX. Other members interested in being a part of the planning and execution of the event are asked to contact the Board at board@w1wqm.org

Reminder that we have a VE Session coming up in November. VE Session on the 5th Saturday of any month that has a 5th Saturday, in this case November 29, 2014. Those interested taking the exam to become a licensed Amateur Operator, or in upgrading their current license should mark the date. Any VE’s interested in administering the exam should plan to attend and also contact the board at board@w1wqm.org to confirm that we have the requisite number of VE’s available.

PCARC media efforts will be handled by Mike W1GEK, Facebook Administration by Tom KB1YVR, and Newsletter (i.e. Longwire) by Rick N1ZXZ

NHQSO Contest results have been tabulated and winners announced. 1st Place = AC1J, 2nd Place = KB1YSK, 1st place Non-NH = N4JF for more information contact Dick W1MSN.

The results of our recently distributed Survey Questionnaire were presented. See the published results in first addition of the new Longwire when it comes out in November.
Next Meeting is scheduled at 7 pm on Wednesday November 5th. Requested agenda topics included a.) Publishing a Members list - pro/cons, b.) Website review – inclusion of meeting and exam dates on the landing page - please bring additional suggestions for improvements.
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