March 2014 Metting Notes

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March 2014 Metting Notes

Postby W1MSN » Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:54 pm

PCARC meeting – March 5, 2014

It was Home Brew night and we had some fun and interesting projects described which included Potato launchers both standard, street legal size and completely outrageous. Kriss described his launcher and was the basis of Project Night – others in the club built their own as well. Then comes Neal, AA1SB would builds what many would call, illegal and deadly at distances up to 2 miles! Had a presentation done by Bill, K1BH who showed us how to build an AM radio with no power sources and a crystal detector – very cool! Rick, N1ZXZ showed us his mobile power distribution box that takes advantage of the PowerPole technology to deliver real convenience.
Also discussed was ways to increase the membership of the PCARC. Over the years the membership has varied up and down and at this point, we’re kind of at a low point. The club needs to do more to drive up the membership totals so we can expand the fun experience to newcomers and experienced alike. Several very good ideas were offered: Do more with our Facebook page – add content, invitations to other groups including boy and girl scout organizations; set up a live display of amateur radio in action at some parking lots in the area; wear the PCARC emblem proudly at different, drive excitement where ever you go; hand out an Info packet on the PCARC at each VE session. We are just not leveraging our success with these VE sessions as much as we should. And of course, put out the word about our world class Field Day operation on Stratham Hill Park. It is truly a site to behold.

Next Month – April 2, we’ll be joined by Dale, AF1T as he presents Transmission Line information in a very nice way – don’t miss this one! Also note, don’t forget there is a Hanmfest sponsored by his club, CVRC on March 23 – More info at

July marks a very significant event in New England as the area is host to the Olympics of Amateur Radio Contesting. The World Radiosport Team Competion (WRTC 2014) will start July 8, 2014 at the headquarters hotel in Westborough, MA (Double Tree). Full details are found at:
But equally important – the organization needs more helpers and volunteers – if you can help (and there are boat loads of things to be done) from driving contestants and referees to sites or picking up people at the airport or assisting as a Site Captain, please go to the volunteer sign up page at:
Good to see everyone last night – good pizza – thanks!
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