Baofeng programming

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Baofeng programming

Postby W1GEK » Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:18 pm

I've attached a frequency file that I use to program my baofeng radios.
As we who like to solder like to say, it is still in a state of flux, hi. I left out NOAA weather freq's because you can't skip them when scanning and the scan stops on every cycle. I wouldn't mind some local barney/fire/unitil/marine freq's added to the list. If you have any favorite local repeaters or other freq's added to this file, you can either edit it and send it back to me or just give me the details and I'll add them. Bring your radio to the meeting on Wednesday and I'll program yours also.

73, HNY, and see you on straight key night and at the meeting.
Neil aa1sb
Baofeng programming
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