Nov 2014 Minutes

Monthly minutes and treasurer's reports will be posted here.

Nov 2014 Minutes

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PCARC Meeting Minutes
11/5/14 Business Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm
A quorum was present

The President opened the meeting with the reading of the traffic safety reminder.
A summary of the minutes of the October meeting were read. There was a motion and a second to accept the minutes as written. The motion passed.
The Treasurer’s report was read. There was a motion and a second to accept the Treasurer’s Report. The motion passed.

Dinner for the January meeting will be provided by Carol - KB1PQN

Public Service Events
Neil – AA1SB is seeking 2 to 3 more volunteers for the Seacoast ½ Marathon on 11/9
Neil – AA1SB announced the need for volunteers for the Exeter Christmas Parade on Saturday 12/6
Ross - KB1MGB presented a Certificate of Appreciation from EMMAUS for PCARC’s effort on the 2014 Cycle for Shelter Event which raised $140,000.00.

Rick – N1ZXZ distributed the first edition of the New Longwire Newsletter. The Longwire is presently available only in hardcopy format but will soon be available electronically. Info to follow.
We request that all members send in content for the Longwire. Suggested items are a brief description of how and why you got involved in ham radio, human interest info telling about yourself for a “Member Spotlight” section, Photos, interesting tech articles that you have either written or read, etc. Pretty much anything you find of interest about the hobby will be considered for inclusion.
Members are requested to submit information aimed at helping new Hams as they enter the hobby as well as to invite and encourage them to join the PCARC by sharing its benefits. The format requested is in the form of FAQ’s (i.e. Frequently Asked Questions). So write down a question a new Ham might ask and provide the answer in terms that a new ham will understand. Examples: Q: I just got my Tech License, what should I do next? A: Consider joining a club like the PCARC in order to meet and learn from experienced hams. Or Q: I just got my Tech License which radio is best for me? A: Many new Techs start with a dual band handy-talkie or an HT as they are called. They are inexpensive and easy to use.
Please send in the above requested content to

On the Air
Completed Events
FT4TA DXEpedition – In progress
W1AW/1 – Massachusetts is now complete
CQ World Wide SSB Contest – ended 2 weeks ago
ARRL CW Contest – occurred last weekend.
Upcoming Events
ARRL SSB Sweepstakes
CQ World Wide CW DX Contest occurs the weekend after Thanksgiving

Split Operation – What is it and how does it work.
The DX Station dictates – listen and figure out what the DX-er’s technique is
Determine his purpose – Tools to use
RIT/XIT (i.e. Receive Incremental Tuning and Transmit Incremental Tuning)
Dual Receivers
Your ears – Listen, Listen, Listen
Check out the DX Summit on the internet for who is operating where and when.
In a perfect world…….The listening frequency is understood by all, operators have respect for the DX station and the process being used, only the station working the DX is transmitting, it is easy to find the right scope to call, and one call and you are in the log!
Open Action Items

Published Membership List – There was much discussion and a wide variety of opinions on this. Many want to be able to find and contact other club members, others have strong concerns about privacy. The topic was tabled for a future meeting. More work is needed on this topic.

Website Review – No changes are planned.

Recommendations for future meeting topics and suggested guests was solicited from the membership. Among the suggestions were:
Dale – AF1T (Target January 2015 - action item for Mark K1RX)
An ARRL overview from an ARRL Section Manager (Target February 2015 - action item for Dick W1MSN)
Tutorial on Satellite COMMS
Tutorial on the purpose for and building of a Pan Adapter
Tutorial on RFI – where does it hide, how do you, find it how to eliminate it
Emergency COMMS – Guest speaker from ARES/RACES to talk about how the system works and how to become involved in it. (Target March 2015 - action item for Tom KB1YVR)

PCARC Hamfest – The purpose is to build membership, have fun, and raise operating funds for the club.
Pick date that is distanced from competing events
Identify and confirm location in Hampton
Develop a logistics plan
Prepare and distribute Media Announcements – including the content, timing and placement of the press releases
Contact local businesses for support and/or sponsorship
Solicit volunteers for the committee – Presently the committee includes Dick/W1MSN, Mark/N1RX, Igor/N1YX, Carol/KB1PQN, Barry/KB1VX, Al/KB!YSB and Mark (no call sign ph: 603.502.3445)

A request was made to send a blast E-mail 3 days prior to each monthly meeting as a reminder and containing info about whether or not food will be available.

Christmas Banquet will be held on Wednesday December 3rd at 7 pm at the club. The format is Pot Luck. Members are requested to contact with their intentions to attend and the number of guests (i.e. family, YL, XYL etc) so that we can have an accurate head count. In addition please include a description of any food or beverage items you intent to bring so that we can coordinate entrees, appetizers, deserts and refreshments.

It was decided that Dick – W1MSN would send out a blast email notice about the event ASAP

Next Lab Night will be Wednesday January 28, 2015 at 7 pm. Lab Nights for November and December 2014 have been canelled as a result of them falling on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eves.
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