Next New England Radio Discussion Society Tech Talk, Dec 13

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Next New England Radio Discussion Society Tech Talk, Dec 13

Postby AI2Q » Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:11 pm

The next New England Radio Discussion Society Tech Talk is slated for Tuesday, December 13th at 7-PM at the High Pine Fire Station in Wells, Maine, just off Rte. 1Ø9. The firehouse is just off the Maine Turnpike on High Pine Loop Road.

All hams and guests are welcome. There are no membership requirements, dues, etc.

At this holiday session we'll look at various projects, ham radio devices, rigs, acessories, books, etc. that folks bring to the NERDS Tech Talk.

Are you ready for show-and-tell?

I know W1SLP has an unusual telegraph key made from old polar relay parts. I know N1YQV has a restored Heathkit AR-3 Novice receiver, circa 1957. I know AA1LO has a homebrew QRP transceiver. I know KØZK has a DDS synthesizer kit to show.

I know W3NA has one of the best QSL card collections in North America. I know N1UE has an intriguing technical course based on a popular QRP rig. I know KB1VPD has a Ten-Tec regen receiver he has almost completed. I know K1WHS has some antenna projects on the front burner.

I know W1MWB has some VoIP software projects up-and-running. I know KB1GTT has a color multi-channel oscilloscope that's the size of an iPhone. I know AI2Q has a 1938 replica transmitter and receiver. I know NV1T has some new Arduino tricks up his sleeve.

Dig through your stuff and bring something to share. Next Tuesday's Tech Talk session promises to be a free-wheeling NERDS social event that's bound to be fun for all hands.

CU there on the 13th!

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