The Packet-Mesh Connection

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The Packet-Mesh Connection

Postby AI2Q » Wed May 16, 2018 8:42 pm

I thought I'd report about some fun we had here today.

In York County packet-radio-land, Jimmy, KC1ETT and myself spent some hours tinkering with our TCP/IP packet-radio servers on 2 meters (145.01 MHz) based on KA9Q software running under Windoze XP.

Jimmy and I placed some Linksys WiFi routers, that I "flashed" (burned-in new bits) into
the 2.4-GHz ham band, on the server XP box.

Using a program called TightVNC (thanks to the virtual network software suggestion from KB1GTT) I can now access my 2-meter IP system from my HSMM-Mesh (high speed multi-media mesh) network (it runs at 54 Mbits/s).


My remote Windows PC is a "viewer" and the IP box is the "server." So, essentially I have a server-server in the shack. Hi Hi.

The HSMM-Mesh nodes do permit, with permissions, nodes that can give access to the wired Internet. So the next step here is to do that and likely access the 2-meter packet rig from anywhere, using the wired Internet.

We have possible radios and TNCs waiting for an installation at good locations
for 24/7 service on 2-meters.

Given the poor condx on the HF bands this is a time to pursue other aspects of ham radio,
like HSMM-Mesh and packet.

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex
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