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New England Radio Discussion Society to meet 20-March

PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:30 pm
by AI2Q
Bulletin From The New England Radio Discussion Society

The New England Radio Discussion Society meets again this coming Tuesday, March 2Øth at The New School on Route One in Kennebunk at 7-PM. Mark your calendar!

(1) The Tech Talk of the evening will be conducted by W1BOF. George will present some grounding techniques that can ensure against shock hazards from ac-powered equipment when faults might occur, and he'll additionally look at how to prevent unwanted RF from disrupting the normal functioning of your station equipment.

George will also focus on how to protect your gear from transient spikes and lightning. With the thunderstorm season approaching this is a good time to review these essentials.

(2) We'll also demo the latest version of the upcoming NERDS Resource Machine that WB2UQP, Susan, and N1QX, RJ, have been working on.

(3) On the evening's discussion ticket is ARRL Field Day 2Ø18. The New School management has given us the green light to set up just about anything we'd like to on campus. What's more, the school will put us in contact with its science teaching staff. So please come armed with ideas about how we can make this a unique and enjoyable Field Day.

(4) W3NA and AI2Q have been invited to present a talk at the monthly Rogers Culture Series lectures at the Brick Store Museum in downtown Kennebunk. The lecture will focus on spark radios. You'll also get an opportunity to peruse unique and rare early radio artifacts before the Golden Age of Radio exhibit closes next month. Join John and Alex at 6:30-PM on Thursday, March 29th at the museum.

We'll convene for refreshments following the March 2Øth meeting. As always, family and friends are welcome. Remember, there are no dues or boring business meetings at NERDS pow-wows.

CU there!

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex