New England Radio Discussion Society to meet 6-March 2018

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New England Radio Discussion Society to meet 6-March 2018

Postby AI2Q » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:09 am

Bulletin from the New England Radio Discussion Society

The New England Radio Discussion Society meets again this coming Tuesday, March 6th at The New School on Route One in Kennebunk at 7-PM. At that time we'll have a progress report on the upcoming NERDS Resource Machine that WB2UQP, Susan, and N1QX, RJ, have been diligently working on, and we'll also look at plans for ARRL Field Day 2Ø18.

As many of you know, W3NA, John and AI2Q, Alex, have an exhibit called "The Golden Age of Radio" at the Brick Store Museum in downtown Kennebunk.

The exhibit will be at the museum through March and into early April, so if you haven't had a chance to see a huge motor-driven rotary spark-gap ham transmitter from 192Ø, or a very rare IP-5Ø1 shipboard spark receiver from the same era, make plans to get over there and check 'em out. There are lots of other early Amateur Radio items on display, too, as well as broadcast radios from the '2Øs and '3Øs.

As always, NERDS participation involves no boring business meetings, no heated constitutional debates, and no dues. Family and friends are all welcome! Bring along some items for NERDS Tech Tales show-and-tell, too!

We'll gather for refreshments and a gabfest following the meeting.

CU there!

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