New England Radio Discussion Society to meet 8-August

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New England Radio Discussion Society to meet 8-August

Postby AI2Q » Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:37 am

Bulletin from the New England Radio Discussion Society

The New England Radio Discussion Society meets again this coming Tuesday, August 8th at 7-PM at The New School on Route One in Kennebunk.

At that time we'll take a look at our roster of topics for upcoming Tech Talks. Thanks to AA1EF we have a list of tentative discussion items.

Here's the list so far; the first four subjects remain from our previous list.

1 -- KØZK is still on the list for a discussion of soldering

2 -- K1WHS is on the list to discuss DXing on the VHF and UHF bands

3 -- K1IEE is listed for a focus on kit building

4 -- W3NA has presented talks on HF Propagation, and folks have asked for more. AA1EF says it's time for an encore.

New Topics

Here are some ideas for new Tech Talk topics, with possible presenters:

5 -- A digital networking overview (W1BOF)

6 -- What is AX.25 packet radio? (AI2Q)

7 -- Using WiFi routers for mesh networking (AI2Q)

8 -- Grounding and lightning protection (W1BOF)

9 -- WSJT-X, JT65, WSPR, FT (and more!) weak signal digital modes (N1QX, W3NA, and AI2Q).

AA1EF suggests these discussion might best be done in multiple parts, with tutorials on what WSJT-X do and how to get on the air with it, and follow-on Tech Talks about the actual details of how the various modes work and how they communicate below the noise.

10 -- Short antennas (W3NA)

11 -- What's the 16Ø meter band all about? (K1WHS and AI2Q)

12 -- RFI in the home, what to do about it (no takers so far)

13 -- How to get your feet wet on the HF bands (no takers so far)

Tech Tales

If you can, bring something for Tech Tales show-and-tell, too. New keys, interesting QSL cards, QRP rigs, etc. are all fair game.

There are no dues required to be a NERDS participant. There are no boring business meetings. You don't even have to be a ham to attend. PCARC members, family and friends are all welcome. We'll also gather for refreshments following the meeting.

CU this coming Tuesday!

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