New England Radio Discussion Society to meet February 21st

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New England Radio Discussion Society to meet February 21st

Postby AI2Q » Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:57 pm

Bulletin from the New England Radio Discussion Society

The New England Radio Discussion Society meets next Tuesday, February 21st at 7-PM at The New School on Route One in Kennebunk.

The previous meeting was attended by KØZK, Arn, W1BOF, George, W3NA, John, AB1ST, Dee, KB1VPD, Tom, N1QX, RJ, K1ETK, Laurie, AA1EF, Richard, KB1MVP, Peter, KC1DLE, Bill, KB1GTT, Jared, and AI2Q, Alex. A discussion was held about moving the meetings to a fancy board room at a local bank, but nothing was definitively decided.

NOTE: The regular meeting on February 21st will be preceded by the NERDS electronics course Phase 3 review session commencing at 6:15-PM.

N1QX's Web page hosts the NERDS presentation files and related materials for our electronics course. Check it out:

Tech Talk

Anderson Powerpoles: The Wrong Way and the Right Way

KB1MVP will discuss those ubiquitous Anderson Powerpoles everyone reads about. But, how many people actually use them? Why and why not?

In this hands-on NERDS Tech Talk Peter will show how to assemble Powerpole connectors correctly on the first try, so they fit snugly and won't come apart. Yes, you can solder Powerpoles, but Peter will show how they're typically assembled using a special low-cost crimping tool.

Tech Tales

The meeting will include a Tech Tales show-and-tell round, so bring along an item or two to pass around.

Remember, there are no dues required to be a NERDS member. There are no boring business meetings. You don't even have to be a ham to attend. Everyone is welcome, including family and friends.

We'll also gather for coffee and breeze shooting at the local McDonald's after the meeting at the New School.

CU next Tuesday!

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex

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