New England Radio Discussion Society meets Nov. 22nd

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New England Radio Discussion Society meets Nov. 22nd

Postby AI2Q » Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:13 pm

Bulletin from the New England Radio Discussion Society

The New England Radio Discussion Society meets this coming Tuesday, November 22nd, at 7-PM at the New School on Route One in Kennebunk, Maine. At that time AA1EF will lead a scheduled Tech Talk discussion about receivers.

Richard indicates his presentation will focus on receiver specs and explain what they really measure and/or specify, with emphasis on what the specs mean to the operator experience.

In anticipation of Richard's talk you may want to crack the books and brush up on what a decibel is!

Tech Tales

The November 22nd meeting also includes a Tech Tales show-and-tell round, so bring along an item or two to pass around.

Remember, there are no dues required to be a NERDS member. There are no boring business meetings. You don't even have to be a ham to attend. Everyone is welcome, including family and friends.

Web Info

Don't forget N1QX's Web pages. RJ's site presently hosts some of the NERDS presentation files and related materials for our electronics course, and there is also a realtime chat room and drawing facility. Check it out:

CU There!

We'll also gather for coffee and breeze shooting at the local McDonald's after the meeting at the New School. That would be a good time to plan our annual Christmas holiday party.

CU this coming Tuesday!

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