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New England Radio Discussion Society Mesh Tests

Postby AI2Q » Sat Jun 21, 2014 7:01 pm

New England Radio Discussion Society News

Taking advantage of the pleasant early summer WX, the NERDS Mesh Team Alpha took to the field today. KB1VPD, Tom, set up his KB1VPD-1 Broadband Hamnet mesh node at Mother's Beach in Kennebunk. Regardless of the holiday crowd and limited parking, the life guards there gave him permission.

On the other side of the bay, about a mile and a half as the crow flies, AI2Q, Alex set up his HSMM-Mesh node in Kennebunkport, near the H.W. Bush estate. The AI2Q-2 Server node was hitched to a notebook PC, running TightVNC server software.

Both KB1VPD-1 and AI2Q-2 were using 15 dBi antennas at 2.4 GHz. The east end of the link deployed a Yagi; the western end a planar antenna. Both antennas were mounted on camera tripods, with the antennas at about 4-ft off the ground.

At first signal levels seemed non-existent. However, using the mesh node's internal S-meter function, both ops turned their antennas slightly and before long we were seeing usable signal levels. At that point, Tom brought up his TightVNC client and poked in the IP address of the server, and---lo and behold---he was seeing the server's home page screen. For a test, Tom clicked on a spectrum analyzer program on Alex's computer, and ran it.

Just for fun, we then activated the W3NA USB camera on the server end in Kennebunkport. With that, Tom was able to watch the video feed from Kennebunkport.

Not expecting the unexpected, suddenly a drone quadcopter appeared over AI2Q-2's tripod. It hovered and circled, and then retreated. Following its path, we located the pilot---a teenager with the joystick and RC controller in hand! When told we were NSA agents making microwave Amateur Radio communications tests, the young man promptly landed the quadcopter and ran off!

HI HI, as they say.

Mesh Team Alpha's next field test will interpose a third mesh node along the path, and we will then test intermediate node OLSR routing. Should be as much fun as today's exciting experiment. Our plan for a subsequent test will set up a node at the summit of Mt. Agamenticus. Contact AI2Q by e-mail for HSMM-Mesh information.

ai2q (at)

NERDS Meet June 24th

The next meeting of the New England Radio Discussion Society will be held at 7-PM on Tuesday evening, June 24th, at the New School on Rt. 1 in Kennebunk. At that time we will finalize our plans for ARRL Centennial Field Day 2Ø14, using our assigned callsign K1A. All PCARC memberss are welcome.

Please let either AI2Q or W3NA what you will be bringing to FD for the Saturday afternoon BBQ. Please do this in the next day or so in order to ensure that not everyone will bring the same thing for dinner!

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex
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