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New England Radio Discussion Society News

Postby AI2Q » Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:53 am

New England Radio Discussion Society News

This past week's ham radio demonstration at Kennebunk's New School was either a fiasco or a success, depending on your point of view.

W1BOF and KB1MVP used Pete's pneumatic launcher to hoist halyards into the trees, and up went a doublet fed with open-wire transmission line, supplied by AI2Q. For his part, K1WHS set up his complete Elecraft K3 station, including the P3 panadapter and 5ØØ watt amplifier, and W3NA assembled a window feedthrough and hitched the feedline to his tuner. K1IEE and W1IY assisted.

Unfortunately, Mister Murphy was lurking big time; the antenna was not able to be matched to the 5Ø ohm output of the K3! Luckily, K1WHS had a ten meter Ringo Ranger in his truck. He hauled it out and we were on the air. But, band conditions were really poor. The kids seemed restless, and there really wasn't much opportunity to get them on the microphone. However, Dave persevered, and made a FB contact on 1ØM ssb with an obliging station in Louisiana. They actually discussed Civil War history, which was pretty cool.

In any case, all hands agreed we need to revisit our effort and perhaps plan for another day. Many of the students filled out the questionnaires supplied by KB1VPD, so we can go over these comments and evaluations.

Upcoming Meeting

The next meeting of the NERDS will be held this coming Tuesday, April 15th, at 7-PM at The New School. All PCARC hams are welcome to attend. As always, items for Tech Tales show-and-tell are always appreciated.

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