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New England Radio Discussion Society News

Postby AI2Q » Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:25 am

New England Radio Discussion Society news

Attending hams at this past Tuesday's meeting of The New England Radio Discussion Society zeroed in on plans for the ham radio demo on April 8th for the high school students at The New School in nearby Kennebunk, Maine.

KB1MVP, Peter, K1WHS, Dave, KB1VPD, Tom, W1IY, Paul, K1IEE, Dick, W1BOF, George, W3NA, John, and AI2Q, Alex reviewed the materials on hand, inspected the proposed outdoor antenna site, and went over the details of feeding the open-wire transmission line into the school's art room, where the equipment will be temporarily located.

Plans are for setting up Dave's Elecraft K3 transceiver, along with its P3 panadapter and waterfall display, as well as the 5ØØ-watt Elecraft amplifier. John's balanced antenna tuner will match the open-wire line to the rig's 5Ø-ohm output.

By the way, if you haven't seen one in action, this would be a great time to check out the K3 transceiver!

Peter's pneumatic halyard launcher will be deployed, and George will bring along extra rope for hauling up Alex's doublet antenna. John is in charge of fitting a window feed-thru.

Both SSB and CW will be used. Dave will kick off our demo, starting with a mention that the ubiquitous cellphone that most students carry these days is a radio!

Dick brought many ARRL printed items that will be distributed for interested students, and Tom has crafted a one-page questionnaire that New School kids can fill out to give us written feedback. As you can, see it looks like we're on track.

Other possibilities at the event can include show-and-tell items that may spark student interest. Let your imagination and junkbox be your guide.

During our meeting, the question arose as to what kind of follow-on The NERDS could supply to students who may wish to pursue licensing. In the recent past, AA1LO, Dave, has offered loaners of ARRL licensing manuals. We're also interested in learning where courses might be offered, and when and where Volunteer Examiners will be hosting licensing sessions. All suggestions and leads are welcome.

On another front, The NERDS has been offered a Heathkit HW-1Ø1 transceiver (with matching power supply), as well as a few other old Heath items. Alex (ex-Heathkit employee and service technician) will check over this equipment and determine if this gear is suitable for a possible ham radio club station at the school. Alternatively, we may sell this equipment and make a donation to the school. We are slated to acquire this donation on March 24th.

Where are YOU?

Many hams (and quite a few non-hams) presently receive this bulletin, including W1PIE, W1FMR, W1II, W1MWB, AA1LO, W8LM, K1SIW, K1IPT, K1MPM, KØZK, K1GRU, KB1VFQ, KB1XJ, KB1NYN, WJ1L, W1ERP, K1GDI, N1UE, N1JAG, N1SNB, N1YQV, KG6KH, KB1WDL, KB1TFH, KN1JLK, KB1GTT, KB1PWK, N1GDT, N1RX, N2MSS, NV1T, W1GEK, WA1ZCQ, WB1RDS, and NX1F. If you're on this recipient list, c'mon down to a meeting or two and talk ham radio (I know, some of you live out-of-town)!

The next meeting of The NERDS is slated for Tuesday evening at 7-PM on April 1st at The New School, Rt. One in Kennebunk. All hams, friends, and families are welcome. Plans for ARRL Field Day 2Ø14 will be discussed. Bring items for the Tech Tales show-and-tell session, too. All PCARC members are invited.

CU there!

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex

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