New England Radio Discussion Society News and meeting notice

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New England Radio Discussion Society News and meeting notice

Postby AI2Q » Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:41 pm

New England Radio Discussion Society News
January 2nd, 2Ø14

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Kennebunk, Maine -- Happy New Year to all Radio Amateurs.

As the New England Radio Discussion Society enters its third year, this seems like a good time to evaluate where we've been and where we might go. We've scored tops in the country in 2Ø13 ARRL Field Day for a battery powered QRP entry, and we beat most 1A 1ØØ-watter FD scores in the bargain. We've also covered a great deal of technical subjects, ranging from how to terminate Anderson Power Pole connectors to Arduino C programming to Ohm's Law. The NERDS Tech Tales show-and-tell sessions remain popular, and those hams in attendance have been treated to close up hands-on views of vintage radios, unusual antenna tuners, leading edge RF test-and-measurement equipment, rare and historical QSL cards, new rigs, and a whole lot more.

Personally, I'd like to see NERDS hams take the lead, and set up a working Broadband Hamnet high-speed mesh network that can be deployed at a moment's notice to provide public service and emergency digital communications. Towards this end there have been a few of us who have low cost mesh nodes (try $5Ø a pop) up-and-running, but we need more players to make this happen in a bigger way. Most ham radio clubs make a point of providing communications for road races and other community events. Why not the NERDS?

While we have been meeting at the New School in Kennebunk, there's no reason why we cannot move back to the meeting room at the High Pine Fire Station in Wells, Maine, if that would better serve NERDS attendees. The fire chief there graciously told me that we could return at any time. The decision to do this should take into consideration access for those of us who are handicapped, possible restrictions on meeting dates, and the availability of a decent projector for things like PowerPoint slide shows and Web displays. At the moment, we have a PC projector donated by KB1GTT, however it needs a projection lamp, and hasn't been tested. In contrast, the New School site has a number of projectors available to us.

Speaking of schools, my thoughts have always been that we should bring ham radio to students. Ham radio needs new blood, and what better way then to demonstrate Amateur Radio to students? Considering the nexus of computers and radio, I'm certain we could demonstrate some exciting applications that might stir some kids to get their tickets and get on the air. Marylyn Wentworth, the principal of the New School, has given us the green light to set up a temporary station there and demo ham radio. If WB2JKJ could make ham radio exciting to the deprived kids at Junior High School 22 in one of New York City's worst neighborhoods, why not in southern Maine?

Okay. Them's my thoughts about the New England Radio Discussion Society as we enter this new year. Thanks for reading. I await your comments, observations, and suggestions, and most of all I look forward to communicating with you in the months ahead.

Cordially, and with very 73,

== AI2Q, Alex


The New England Radio Discussion Society will hold its first meeting of 2Ø16 on Tuesday, January 7th, at The New School on Rte 1 in Kennebunk, Maine. Assuming we're not in the middle of a blizzard, we'll convene at 7-PM in the roundtable room. Feel free to invite fellow PCARC ham radio operators, family, and friends. As always, bring something interesting for show-and-tell.


Interested in AC line noise filters? Here's a Web site that has a good deal of info on EMI filters. Filter Concepts, Inc. also offers a freebie catalog.


Are you confused when it comes to using toroids in ham radio projects? The tips given in this on-line ham radio article may simplify your next project. Numerous pieces about toroidal coils and transformers have appeared in QST magazine over the years, and the ARRL Handbook includes a section on the application of toroids. Nonetheless, here's a Web site that focuses on average questions many hams have about using and choosing these useful cores. ... index.html


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