New England Radio Discussion Society targets HSMM-Mesh

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New England Radio Discussion Society targets HSMM-Mesh

Postby AI2Q » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:21 am

New England Radio Discussion Society bulletin

*** Devoted to understanding and discussing ham radio technology ***

Hey, PCARC hams! The upcoming meeting of the New England Radio Discussion Society, scheduled for November 12th, will take another look at the High-Speed Multimedia Mesh phenomena, being pursued these days by ham radio groups around the country.

HSMM-Mesh, now also known as Broadband Hamnet (that's much easier to say, eh?), was introduced to NERDS attendees last summer by guest presenter NY2RF. At that time, Tom's PowerPoint presentation discussed how the Palm Beach, Florida group uses Broadband Hamnet for emergency communications and for ham radio demonstration at public events such as foot races and bicycle races. Check out the QST magazine cover story in the July 2Ø13 issue.

Since then a number of NERDS participants have set up basic broadband equipment on the 2.4 GHz ham band, using low cost 802.11 routers. Easily modified, the equipment can be used to form an automatically configured fault-tolerant ham radio wireless network.

N2MSS has been testing a variety of off-the-shelf Linksys-based Part 15 routers, re-flashing their non-volatile memory (flash) firmware into the ham band at 2.4 GHz so they can operate under FCC Part 97 Amateur Rules. Hank has successfully sent video across his nodes using an IP camera.

AI2Q has followed Hank's lead, and has two mesh nodes in operation on the bench. W3NA supplied a low cost Logitech Web cam, and a video link has been established at AI2Q. Overseeing some of the technicalities of digital networking, KB1GTT has provided valuable ideas and insight. Jared is also a great source for finding software that works! Ditto for W1BOF, who also supplied two nifty surplus high-gain 2.4 GHz antennas.

As suggested by W3NA, a hands-on operational demo is planned for the next meeting. See how to operate FLDIGI remotely, or flip though a PowerPoint presentation from miles away, or how to do multi-rig Field Day logging. The applications are endless...

Back to Basics

The NERDS Back-to-Basics electronics series will continue, on an on-demand basis, so if you're interested in learning more about electronics, or want a refresher, check it out. At this point we'll continue looking at DC theory and Ohm's Law, focusing on ham radio applications.

Tech Tales

As always, the Tech Tales show-and-tell portion of NERDS meetings is at the core of each gathering. Some really cool ham radio equipment and related tall tales have been showing up at these round table chats.

Let's meet at 7-PM at the New School on Rt. 1 in Kennebunk, Maine---just a short hop off the turnpike for PCARC members. Remember, there are no dues, rules, or membership requirements for NERDS participation, so come on down.

If you haven't been to a meeting in a while, we miss you.

Keep ham radio vibrant. Try to attend!

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 12th.

CU there!

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex

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