New England Radio Discussion Society to meet Oct. 29th

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New England Radio Discussion Society to meet Oct. 29th

Postby AI2Q » Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:36 pm

New England Radio Discussion Society bulletin

*** Devoted to understanding and discussing ham radio technology ***

Last week's meeting of the New England Radio Discussion Society covered a number of subjects, and included a useful and entertaining hands-on demonstration by RF test-and-measurement guru K1WHS.

Dave brought his Elecraft K3 transceiver to the meeting, as well as a new Elecraft KPA5ØØ solid-state 5ØØ-watt 16Ø-meter through 6-meter amplifier. Dave hitched these rigs to a large dummy load and a 6Ø-dB attenuator feeding a Hewlett-Packard RF voltmeter.

With this equipment all fired up, Dave accurately measured the RF output of the KPA5ØØ. Dave also supplied NERDS attendees with a useful table showing the relationship between voltage and power ratios. This handout is available, as well as a file from AI2Q for dBm, watts, and voltage conversions. Send e-mail request to ai2q(at)

Back to Basics

Commencing the NERDS Back-to-Basics electronics series, we reviewed how a scientific calculator can ease typical Amateur Radio calculations.

Focusing on the use of the EE engineering notation key, as found on most sci-calculators, we demo'd how it can be used to more easily express values such as microwatts or microamperes, or millihenries, or kilovolts, or megahertz. We also covered the use of built-in constant keys, such as those that call up the value of pi or the speed of light, both of which figure in many ham radio component value and antenna dimensioning tasks.

Today's "El Cheapo" calculators, as well as similar smartphone apps, make it really easy to crunch numbers and get a handle on basic arithmetic that can enhance your understanding of electronics.

The next 2Ø minute Back-to-Basics discussion will cover an introduction to basic DC electricity and Ohm's Law.

Tech Tales

As always, we will continue the popular Tech Tales show-and-tell portion of the NERDS pow wows. At recent Tech Tales a variety of nifty items were on display, including miniature hand-held oscilloscopes, old vacuum tube transmitters, early high-end multimeters, antenna tuners, and unusual contemporary QSL cards, to name just a few.

Let's meet at 7-PM at the New School on Rt. 1 in Kennebunk. Remember, there are no dues, rules, or membership requirements for NERDS participation, so come on down. If you haven't been to a meeting in a while, we miss you.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 29th. Avoid goblins and witches on your way to the meeting.

CU there!

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex
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