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New England Radio Discussion Society bulletin

Postby AI2Q » Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:35 pm

New England Radio Discussion Society

*** Devoted to understanding and discussing ham radio ***

The September 17th meeting of the New England Radio Discussion Society was a grand and diverse ragchew session. For starters, K1WHS brought along his notebook computer equipped with a special logging program.

Dave's unusual VHF/UHF contest logger had a roster of callsigns of known active stations---all inserted into the program ahead of a contest by the software's author. Dave demo'd some of the more interesting parts of the program.

For his part, W1BOF rolled out a 195Øs-era Heathkit antenna coupler. NERDS attendees who experienced the Novice Class license back then recalled the 25 watt Heathkit AT-1 transmitter (a 6AG7 tube driving a single 6L6 tube). The companion to the 8Ø through 1Ø meter AT-1 was the Heath AC-1 antenna coupler.

George opened up the tuner. Looking at the well preserved copper-plated chassis inside the ol' AC-1 was a treat for all hands, new and old. Here's the schematic; note the built-in lowpass filter, a thoughtful touch in the age of TVI!

W3NA went back a bit further in time. John displayed an original single-tube homebrew transmitter from the late 192Øs. Remarkably, this well-preserved vintage transmitter was a virtual carbon copy of a rig described in the ARRL Handbook of the time. NERDS attendees marveled at John's find, and remarked about the FB workmanship.

Next, AI2Q rolled out one of the first image-orthicon tubes, originally crafted by TV pioneer Vladimir Zworykin. Alex explained how it was used in early studio video cameras, and showed photos of a number of similar vacuum tubes.

W1IY brought us back to the 21st century, toting a tiny Yaesu FT-817 CW and SSB HF transceiver. Paul's rig, running from an internal lithium battery pack, has been used recently to make QRP contacts with a minimalist antenna from Paul's new QTH.

Into The NERDS Future

Following the Tech Tales roundtable, a discussion ensued about future New England Radio Discussion Society pow wows.

One suggestion was to focus on aspects of radio propagation, beacon technologies, space science, and how DXers leverage propagation information. Another suggested subject thread would be a focus on how to troubleshoot Amateur Radio equipment. Other subject possibilities included HSMM-Mesh, digital modes for HF, the history of ham radio, and amateur satellites.

There was also a brief discussion about offering technical information to newcomers to assist in passing Amateur Radio FCC license exams.

All of the above require YOUR participation!

Coming Up

The next NERDS meeting is slated for Tuesday, October 1st. Let's convene at 7-PM at The New School on Rt. 1 in Kennebunk. There are no dues, rules, or membership requirements for NERDS participation. Bring yourself, family, and friends, and perhaps something for show-and-tell Tech Tales. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump off the Maine Tpke--not too far from NH. CU there!

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex
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