New England Radio Discussion Society to meet 3-Sept

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New England Radio Discussion Society to meet 3-Sept

Postby AI2Q » Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:02 pm

New England Radio Discussion Society bulletin

*** Devoted to understanding and discussing ham radio technology ***

Last week's meeting of the New England Radio Discussion Society was a departure from the usual. WA2WSD discussed his non-ham radio video detector project.

Paul's system---under development----uses a $45 BeagleBoard processor card. The tiny dash-mounted system runs a 1-GHz Texas Instruments OMAP chip, packs Gbytes of flash memory, and hosts a video camera and light emitter that detects an automobile driver's face and watches the movement of his/her eyes.

Paul's goal is a low cost automobile accident prevention system to thwart dangerous texting while driving.

HSMM-Mesh News

In the High Speed Multimedia Mesh domain, N2MSS demo'd a pair of operational 2.4 GHz HSMM-Mesh communications nodes. Hank's gear, based on off-the-shelf surplus Linksys 802.11 routers, demonstrated Mbit/second communications across the room from PC to PC. Hank flashed Amateur Radio code into these FCC Part 15 Wi-Fi routers, converting them to ham radio applications under Part 97 FCC Rules and using his callsign.

This demo moves NERDS a step closer to actualizing an HSMM-Mesh on-the-air network covering a wide geographical area.


At the next NERDS meeting, slated for September 3rd, we'll revisit impedance matching, but this time we'll examine a basic circuit that can act as a switch-free HF antenna tuner for balanced open-wire (ladder line) feeders or coaxial cable-fed antennas.

We'll convene at the New School on Rt. 1 in Kennebunk, so c'mon down and see how it works. We'll have on hand an actual tuner based on the simplified circuitry.

Remember, there are no dues, rules, or membership requirements for NERDS participation. Bring along something for the ever popular show-and-tell Tech Tales portion of the meeting, too.

Until then, have a fine Labor Day holiday!

Vy 73, AI2Q, Alex
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